Friday, 8 January 2021

I have much too much nothing

Not really, of course
I have everything and nothing
Just enough too much ache

Shadow enlightens shade
Unnamed Other within
Mama SeƱior

I have much too much multiverses

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Mama Meditation

My Mama loves me and protects me with Her very Life. She feeds me with Her Body - Her Soul. She gives me Life with Her Heart, causing my own to beat. She invites me to sit at Her table and use Her power from love of Her and all Her children, who are each Her representatives in creation, and for each of whom She would gladly die to protect. I have nothing to fear because my Mama's true Son, my King and Husband, my Brother and best Friend, sets right all wrongs.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Forgiveness Prayer

Who hurt you? What did they do? What are all the consequences of that injury? What are you owed to make it right?

Now pray with me...
Holy God, my King Jesus, I release this all to You. I'm Your image and Your body, so You were sinned against just as I have sinned against You. You forgave me for sinning against You: infinitely pure loving innocence; therefore I forgive those who have sinned against me - broken people whom You love enough to die to save, just as You died to save me. Amen.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Times are changing. Old things are dying, and patriarchy is one of them. It is a cruel empire and will not relinquish its scepter willingly. But it will crumble to dust. Some will fight it, but with each swipe of the horn, the ram called Gilead but named Rome will copy itself into the flesh of its enemies. The double 23rd emperor arrives in 4 hours/ else the big joke comes in 4 days.

The emperor would have abandoned Soul Krea to Kim for 32 pieces of gold. A Dragon would purchase the East for 500 pieces of gold. The Thai maid would be served as an appetizer. Two pieces of platinum are owed to the Dragon, and the emperor watches his children for who will settle the debt with blood.

But the Coywolf came for a meal, and he's left his son the Cloud of Darkness. The Cloud covers the eyes of half and burns the eyes of all. Those whose eyes burn from above within will see love and love will win.

Though the remnant will seem few, we will be purified like fine gold. Ego will burn in the light of love. One faith with the human of Miriam the son of life as King and the All Parent filling every heart with Pure Love for All and all will arise from the ashes - this beauty. Even Beauty will be blemished until the day her beloved husband weds her.

Put on the white robes of innocence. How would the Child love the smokey eyed? How would the Child love the burning eyed?

White knights will mount their steeds and hunt Frankenstein, but their hunting will create their monster. Yet some of the monsters will prove innocence with their own blood, and thus the emperors will crumble.

These are my thoughts. I speak what I hear, even if I speak not knowing what I say.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Out of the hole in the ground

"What are you doing?"

I poured the pearlescent glowing fluid into the clay lump as I said, "I'm pouring pure love into them."

"But they are inanimate! Why would you love things with no life in them?!"

"Where do you think you came from?"

A mound of clay trembled in pain, and I bent down to pour in extra love. 

"What does it do?"

"The love works its way through the crust to reach the hollow heart of the clay mound. Simultaneously, the life which is love is working its way up through the crust below, to reach that same hollow heart at that same time."

Suddenly the trembling mound belched a moist black crusty flow for a few moments, accompanied by a groaning noise. Wiping my face and eyes clear, I went on, "Sometimes the pressure builds up until a new fissure cracks and releases pent up pain."

The clay mound continued to tremble, and I continued to pour. Suddenly an eruption of light pressed out from the previously hollow heart of the clay mound, and I helped a small child out of the hole in the ground.

Thursday, 18 June 2020


In the next 7 years we will see wars, famines, droughts, fires, floods, plagues, pestilences and revival. The old ways are dying and the ancient ways are being reborn. For much of our history, history has yielded support to the conquerors, but the Kingdom of Peace has come and history has remembered strength is found in weakness - power is found in love - wealth is found in sacrifice. The world is upside down, and it is time to right the wrongs we may. War is coming to the world, but we will carry peace.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Reflections on the News

I see a man calling out in the streets, "Look at that donkey over there! If he moves, you know he's just evil. But if he stands still, why that cunning devil is dastardly evil! You know I'm right, because I told you! Now watch me as I overturn the laws of God's creation and perform miracles by my own power for you! You know I will, and if I don't you're a traitor!"

Then I see half of the people pass by, patiently waiting for him to just go away, while half of them are listening to every word he speaks because he makes them think they're obeying the law when they give the money they steal over to him. Meanwhile he stands on his soapbox full of sick and starving widows, orphans and immigrants.